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In collaboration with Hotel Restaurant “De Tjongervallei”, various arragnements are possible.


For groups of 10 or more persons, we have separate arrangements and group discounts.


Would you like to experience a special meeting day with your company? Please ask after the possibilities.


Perhaps you would like to stay the night after spending a day on the water and dinner? Please ask after the possibilities



Head left from the Pier Christiaan Ditch to the Tjonger and experience the beauty of the marvelous nature. If you pay close attention, there is a high chance of observing a buzzard, peregrine, blue or brown harrier above the reed beds.

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The Rottige Meente – the first inhabitants of the area already settled in the thirteenth century and build up a mostly poor life. Peat extraction still occurred here late 19th and early 20th century. Since the soil was very wet, it was not well-suited for farming (‘Rottige’ means ‘Rotting’).

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From the starting point ‘De TjongerVallei’, you will set out on the Pier Christiaan Ditch, which runs into the Tjonger River. Going straight, underneath a concrete bridge, you will arrive at a wide part of the old Tjonger River. Here, you will be fully absorbed into the natural beauty, silence and tranquillity.

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In order for you to obtain more knowledge in an accessible and pleasant manner, we organise special guided nature tours.

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